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Simultaneous interpreting

In this modality interpreters work in a booth, usually in twos taking turns every thirty minutes. The interpreter hears the speaker through headphones and instantly provides interpretation in the required language via microphone. The listeners in the meeting room follow with headsets. This is the best option, both in terms of efficency and quality, but it may not be suited to all settings.

Consecutive interpreting

In this modality there is no simultaneous interpreting equipment. The intepreter stays close to the speaker, taking notes of what is said, before providing his interpretation.

Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpreting is essentially simultaneous interpreting without a booth. The interpreter sits very close to the listener and provides a simultaneous interpretation in a quiet voice.


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I have several clients, both in Germany and abroad. Below is a list of some of the major companies and institutions for which I have provided interpretation services since 2006:

The Bundesrat (Federal German Council), the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and a number of federal ministries, the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament of Germany), the State Government of Berlin (Senate of Berlin),

international film festivals, Arte, the Franco-German TV network, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the German Society for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GIZ), The Office for Contemporary Art Norway (Edvard Munch Award),

Messe Berlin, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, Siemens, Volkswagen AG, BMW and several international sports organisations.



Having grown up speaking four languages fluently, I initially sought a career as an artist studying at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts (Universität der Künste) before deciding to become an interpreter.

2004 - 2006
Master's degree in Conference Interpreting from the Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies of Gutenberg University, Germersheim

Start of activities as a professional conference interpreter.
2010 AIIC membership

A - language: German,
B - language: English, Spanish
C - language: French

Language combinations
German >< English
German >< Spanish
English >< Spanish
French > German
French > English





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